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Activities in Murchison Falls Park Uganda

Activities in  Murchison Falls Park covers an area of 3,840 square Kilometres thus making it second biggest National park in Uganda after Kidepo Valley park.

Activities in Murchison falls Park

A park entry fee payment of 40$ is mandatory to every foreign nonresident visitor that visits Murchison falls to participate in Activities in Murchison Falls Park. The park fee is valid for 24 hours.

Day Games Drives – Activities in Murchison Falls Park

A day games drive is one of Activities in Murchison Falls Park which lasts for 2 hours or more and can easily be guided by Tour company safari guides.

It is advisable to go for 2 games drives to have better results and expect to see Rothschild Giraffes, Elephants, Buffaloes, antelopes, lions, leopards, warthogs, Savannah birds and more.

-One is an Early morning games drive at 6am to catch sun risers

-Two is an evening games drive

Nocturnal Games Drives or Night Games drives

Activities in Murchison Falls Park Activities in Murchison Falls Park - night game drives murchison falls park 300x200 - Activities in Murchison Falls Park UgandaNocturnal Game Drives are other Activities in Murchison Falls Park carried out in the night after Dinner and Must be accompanied by UWA Game rangers.

Nocturnal Game Drive is about two hours and expect to see the predators of the night out on the prowl such as Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, and serval cats.

Spotlights are used for the Night Game Drives for such Activities in Murchison Falls Park – this way there is not much you can miss.

Launch cruises on the Nile River

The 2 hour UWA boat cruises or launch cruises at 30$ per person are a high light Activities in Murchison Falls Park which operate twice a day, i.e. mid-morning and afternoon or even in the evening.

Expect to see the Nile Crocodiles mouths wide open sunning themselves along the banks, elephant herds coming to bathe and water, Buffaloes in numbers, various species of antelopes and many water birds, one cannot imagine the scenic shoreline you will see on a boat safari up the River Nile.

On the Murchison Falls Boat Safari up to the falls you have the choice to disembark  at the bottoms of the falls and hike up to the top of the falls or return on the boat downstream for more wildlife viewing.

Top of the Falls Hikes

Top of the falls hike at 15$  is an adventurous trek which is 45 minute hike up along the falls and be refreshed by the mist, feel the ground shake and vibrate under your feet – one of the most amazing experience on Activities in Murchison Falls Park.

Nile Delta Boat Ride

Most take the boat safari up to the fall each day; fewer take the boat ride down the Nile to the Nile Delta where the Nile River merges into Lake Albert.

This is certainly a not to Activities in Murchison Falls Park if you enjoy birds, and birds, wildlife, hippos, crocodiles you will see on this boat safari down the River Nile.  This hike is also part of the famed Baker Trail.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Hot Air Balloon Safaris are new Activities in Murchison Falls Park.  This is the second park in Uganda where you can take a hot air balloon wildlife Safari, first being Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Spot Fishing  Activities in Murchison Falls Park

sport-fishing-in-murchison-falls-by-katona-tours Activities in Murchison Falls Park - sport fishing in murchison falls by katona tours 300x202 - Activities in Murchison Falls Park UgandaSport fishing permit in Murchison falls cost 50$ per day.  Expect to catch the Nile Perch, Tilapia, Cat fish, Tiger fish and Mud fish

Bird watching Tour  Activities in Murchison Falls Park

Birding can be done from a safari vehicle or on a nature walk along the Nile or through one of its forest. The possibilities are endless here and there are numerous spots where with a guide you will make some rewarding discoveries and see why Murchison Falls Park is one of the best birding locations in all of Africa.

Murchison Falls Park includes various landscapes such as Savannah, Riverine Forest, the large Budongo Forest, all areas where the avid birder will spot a wide of variety of Bird Species by boat, vehicle or on foot.

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