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Life About Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas are endangered species of primates that match a human being 95% of his characteristics. Due to their vulnerability, about 900 individuals of them are left in the whole world Today and yet these ones are facing extinction if not protected. Mountain Gorillas These endangered species are protected in four …

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Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest Kaniyo Pabidi

Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest

Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest in Kaniyo-Pabidi of Murchison falls National Park , a chimpanzee permit costs 90 USD, plus 40USD and to be booked in advance. Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest Budongo Forest is a project run by both the Jane Good all Institute and Uganda Wildlife Authority. Chimpanzee …

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Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park the most scenic and popular National Park in Uganda for outstanding Wildlife, a good bird watching destination with over 550 species of Birds. Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park Park entry fees are 40$ for 24 hours per person. Activities in Queen Elizabeth National …

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Semliki National Park Uganda

Semliki National Park Uganda Semliki?Park?is?set?among?the remote Semliki?natural depression,?and its a habitant of?forty?Congolese species since it protects an extension of the Congo’s?huge?Ituri?timber. In this park theres Sempaya Hot Springs, named?after?the stream?that?forms the Congolese border with Uganda . The?forested?area?harbours?several?mammals, ranging from elephant, chimps?and therefore the?additional?localized?de?Brazza’s monkey?at one time?referred to as?the Tor Game …

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Mountain Rwenzori National Park Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori National Park Uganda Mountain Rwenzori Park?could be a?splendid world of ice and snow, with its?large?ice-rime sculptures and?impressive vegetation, and arguably surpasses?alternative?afro-alpine areas in its beauty,?marvel?and interest to?mountain climbing?enthusiasts. This park, covering 996 sq. kms. Provides?an impressive?surroundings?for?each knowledgeable?climbers and casual day hikers.? These legendary mountains exhibit spectacular scenic beauty?and …

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Mt. Mgahinga National Park Uganda

Mt. Mgahinga National Park Uganda Being?the tiniest?national park, Mgahinga protects the Ugandan?part of?the ‘Virunga mountains; a?vary?of extinct and active Volcanoes that straddle the border. A tropical?woodland, much of the lower slopes?are?depleted by the encroachment of farms, however, the bamboo and alpine forests?stay?mostly?intact and?provide?refuge to visiting Gorilla gorilla?teams?from?neighbour?Congo and?Rwanda. These?gorilla?teams?often?’pop in’ …

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Mt.Elgon National park Uganda

Mt.Elgon National park Uganda Mount Elgon?is the?shell of?an?ancient volcano. Its highest peak, Wagagai, reaches 4321 m,?creating?it the?fourth highest peak in?continent.?Although?a lot of?erosion has taken place,?after?various?years?of abrasion?the remaining oval?formed?volcanic crater?currently?measures roughly?seven?by?eight?kms,?one among?the biggest?within theworld. This 1145 sq. kms park shares its?eastern?border with?Republic of Kenya?.Mt Elgon is found?within the eastern?part of?Uganda?and sits …

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Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Lake Mburo National Park Uganda Lake Mburo?Park?contains?an intensive?space?of?wetland?and harbours?many?species of mammals?as well as Zebras, impalas, elands, topi and buffaloes. The bird population includes the rare?shoebird?wader, its sculptured landscape with rolling?grass like?hills and idyllic lakeshores?includes a?varied mosaic of habitats: forest galleries,?rich tree valleys, seasonal, and permanent swamps?that?all support a wealth of?wildlife. …

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Kidepo National Park Uganda

Kidepo National Park Uganda Kidepo?Park?is?one among?Ugandas most spectacular parks with a wealth of?wildlife?and scenic beauty. It lies?within the?north-eastern horn of?Republic of Uganda?in Karamoja district and covers?a neighbourhood?of 1442 sq. kms. Being drier than Uganda’s?different?parks, this?spectacular?natural reserve contains?a unique?eco-system from?the other?area?in?Republic of Uganda, giving?guests?a?more?complete understanding of Uganda’s?immense?bio-diversity. Its secluded location provides …

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Murchison falls national park Uganda

Murchison Falls?national park?covers?a region?of 3,840-sq?kilometer?with altitude of 619m at the delta and?1,292 at Rabongo Hill. The mean temperature is?29? and 21C-low C-high. The park?may be a?protected?space?where?by theres bugungu and karuma?wildlife?reserves. Murchison Falls?national park?derives its name from the Murchison falls?where?the mighty?stream?Nile?explodes through a?slim?gorge and flows?right down to?become a placid?stream whose banks?are?crowded?with …

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