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Congo Gorilla Tours and Safaris

Congo Gorilla Tours takes place deep in mountain jungles of  Virunga National Park out side Goma city and a Gorilla Tracking Permit for Congo cost 400USD. 

Congo Gorilla Tours are all adventurous and Unique. Congo Gorilla Tours cover both Mountain Gorillas and Low Land Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park . You can combine Congo Gorilla Tours with Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Gorilla Tracking in Uganda.

Comparing Congo Gorilla Tours with Gorilla treks in Rwanda and Uganda in terms of price, Congo Gorilla Tours are Much cheaper than Gorilla Tours in Rwanda and Uganda.

Comparing Congo Gorilla Tours with Gorilla trips to Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga Park and Volcanoes Park  in terms of trekking experiences, Congo Gorilla Tours are hectic and difficult since the trek is done deep in the Mountains in search of Mountain Gorillas.

Congo Gorilla Tours

Gorilla Trekkers on Congo Gorilla Tours are guided by armed Game Rangers responsible for Mountain Gorilla Conservation in Virunga Gorilla Park. The  game rangers keep track of the Gorilla Movement with the help oCongo Gorilla Tours Congo Gorilla Tours - Virunga gorilla park congo 300x269 - Congo Gorilla Tours and Safarisf GSP.

Congo Gorilla Tours Procedure

With a secured  Gorilla permit, normally issued a day to the D Day, All Congo Gorilla Tours start early in the morning at 7 am after break fast, transfer to Gorilla starting point at Bukima for briefing and allocation of Gorilla Families to trek.

The duration for trekking exercise during Congo Gorilla Tours depends on the location of the gorillas. Depending on where the Gorilla Family built their Nests the previous evening. The Game rangers of course keep tracking these Gorilla Families and advise trekkers to keep low their voices as they approach these endangered mountain Gorillas.

What to pack for Congo Gorilla Tours

Passport, a valid Gorilla permit, Trekking boots for Congo Gorilla Tours, Water proof Flash free  Camera to take pictures on Congo Gorilla Tours, Batteries, Jacket, Trousers, Insect repellent, Trekking stick for Congo Gorilla Tours, Drinking Water, Snacks, a Raincoat, a Ruck suck and a Porter to carry your luggage during Congo Gorilla Tours

Precautions to take for Congo Gorilla Tours

-Book your Gorilla Tracking permit at least 1 – 3 days in advance to enjoy Congo Gorilla Tours

-Take some few jabs such as Yellow Fever Vaccination, as you will not be allowed to participate in Congo Gorilla Tours neither to enter the DRC  without proof of this inoculation. Hepatitis A, typhoid, meningitis, and rabies injections, as well as anti-malarials are also recommended for Congo Gorilla Tours.

-Apply for Congo Tourist Visa in advance, if you book Congo Gorilla Tours through Katona Tours and Travel, You will be charge 100US

-Adults over 15 years of age only . qualify for Congo Gorilla Tours



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