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Mountain Rwenzori National Park Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori National Park Uganda

Mountain Rwenzori Park?could be a?splendid world of ice and snow, with its?large?ice-rime sculptures and?impressive vegetation, and arguably surpasses?alternative?afro-alpine areas in its beauty,?marvel?and interest to?mountain climbing?enthusiasts. This park, covering 996 sq. kms. Provides?an impressive?surroundings?for?each knowledgeable?climbers and casual day hikers.?

These legendary mountains exhibit spectacular scenic beauty?and supply?a singular?environment?for several?rare and?autochthonous?plants and animals.?The highest?Mountain?within the?range, Mt. Stanley,?is that the?third highest in?Africa?after?Mt.?Kilimanjaro?and Mt. Kenya. Its highest peak, Margharita, rises 5109 m?above?water level. The large?herbaceous plant?and therefore the?groundsell?are?hallmarks of the Rwenzori. All of the?above?create this park?a?haunting?visitant?destination.

Decreasing temperature with increasing altitude has resulted in marked?partition?of vegetation that?is of?nice?interest to scientists and?a pleasant?expertise?for?guests. In fact,?a lot of?individuals?visit the Rwenzori to explore?and knowledge?the fascinating vegetation than to climb the peaks and glaciers.


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